Identity Theft

Identity theft affects about ten million Americans every year. Identity
theft is the theft of information about a person so they can use your social security number and other information to get into your bank account. The main motives of identity theft victims are financial reasons.
This occurs mainly when people allow their personal information to become easily accessible. People make themselves more likely to be a victim if they throw out papers with their information on it. It is important not to just toss out an ATM receipt without ripping up the information. It is very important to cover up all paper trails. One main way to prevent identity theft is purchasing a shredder. Shredding all documents will prevent personal information to getting in the wrong hands.
If you become a victim of identity theft the Federal Trade Commission suggests you take the following steps. You should file a police report immediately. Next close all accounts that have been tampered with or that have stolen funds. Place a fraud alert on your credit report and file a complaint with the F.T.C. For more information visit the Federal Trade Commission website at