Safety on Campus

When people visit campus, it’s recommended that they check their car in with Public Safety; however, if they don’t have a car, how can we go about monitoring them?

Associate Director of Public Safety, Mike Czerepuszko, said in regard to visitors, “You need to rely on the roommates complaining how someone stays longer than they should and what not. So we then notify housing and make sure the situation is taken care of.”

Some students, like Eric Maitland, are concerned about how easily people can enter campus.

Eric said, “I don’t really think it’s very secure…people can kind of come in here and go as they please”

Mike Czerepuszko explained why anyone has the ability to drive right into campus: “Some campus can put up a gate in front of the university and what not. With us, it’s very limited. BLoomfield Avenue, which is the main entrance is an extremely busy place where you really couldn’t do that now. I mean it would just jam traffic tremendously.”

Other students say Public Safety does a good job at reassuring a safe campus.

Student Sarah Ottosen said, “On any campus there’s always the chance that somethign can go wrong. But for the most part they eliminate it as much as they can.”

Visit STN’s link page for the university’s crime statistics.