CCSU Controversy

Student-Run newspapers can sometimes cause controversy when it comes to making decisions on content. At Central Connecticut State University, an article written by an opinion columnist has caused public outcry. The student, John Petroski, wrote an article entitled, “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It,” claiming rape isn’t as bad as it seems.

After reading the title, University of Hartford student, Alison Addler, junior, said, “I immediately thought it was absolutely repulsive.”

Editor in Chief for the Informer, Leah Schwartz, said, “we won’t publish stories that are of poor taste…or of libel and I believe that this article was extremely bad taste.”

Petroski and the CCSU newspaper’s editor, Mark Rowan, are apologetic that the article offended so many people. However, Petroski claims his article was written with satire, and not intended to offend anyone.

Petroski has resigned from the newspaper.