Career Services

By: Kim Bigelow

It’s no secret that college is expensive, and students’ bank accounts are running low, but what college kids may not know is that there is a place right here on campus to help out in this financial struggle.

John Kniering, the director of the Office of Career Services, says that “Probably one of the things that students most often come in for the first time about would be some form of work either part time, summer or on campus.”

The way students can learn about these jobs is through a program called CareerBridge. It gives access to available positions that exist in many places on campus.

“Virtually any organization that needs help which is pretty much all through the campus; the deans’ offices, the library, the bookstore uhh they will typically advertise for work study positions fairly early on,” says Kniering.

Career Services also provides information on internship positions. Those that are available are listed on CareerBridge as well.

“Getting an internship done, you know, by the time you graduate is probably the single best way to get a full time job, because the conversion rate for internships is about 70 percent nationally. In other words, 70 percent of interns are offered a full time job with their employer.”

Kniering has also told STN that there will be plenty of events held throughout the school year. One of the biggest of these events is the College to Career Expo being held at Rentschler Field in January.

Career Services is located on the third floor of Gengras Student Union in room 309.

They have walk-in hours Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, or you can call and make an appointment.

Check out their website at