Auerbach Lecture Series

Lecture series brings vistiing artisits.

Last Tuesday, March 12, 2019. As part of the University of Hartford’s lecture series called Auerbach Lecture series. Which brings in visiting artists twice a year. Professional painter Yvonne Jacquette came to the University to speak to young Artists about her life and paintings.

Yvonne Jacquette is American artists-based primary based out of New York City. Jacquette is known for her nightscapes (paintings or other representations of a night scene.) of New York City. Often capturing the aerial perspective from skyscrapers, helicopters and planes. Jacquette is also known for her urban and rural landscapes.

“I think it is very important for young artists especially to get different perspectives from people who are working in the field because a lot of times you as an artist think of your career in a very linear fashion. You have this plan and you want to go after it. And it’s good to hear from artists who maybe stood in the same place thinking their career was going to be very linear, and then it is meandered in some way. And hearing about how they dealt with challenges can be very helpful when you are a young artist trying to deal with some challenges on your own.”

Jessle Paragone, Marketing Communications Manager at the Art School.

After the event, Jacquette was able to answer any questions from any of the students. Painters of the art school were then able to show Jacquette their work for critiques. Students who are interested in attending events in the future. The movie company, Pixar, is having one of their artists come the University on March 28th.