Summer Changes

Major Changes Done Over the Summer to the UHA campus!

By STN2 Staff | 09/21/07 | Posted in News

This past summer, The University went through some dramatic changes in order to upgrade the campus. Along with Hawk Hall and the Hawk’s Nest, the University finished up by making improvements to the Complexes, parts of the Village, and the Hog River Dam.

Walkway lighting was added all around campus to protect the students from shady areas. Also, walkways themselves were also rebuilt around campus. The main campus green walkway between Gengras and the Computer Center was re-done in an attempt to fix the ditch that collects water while it rains. The footbridge planks were re-nailed over the summer and plans for next summer include a complete renovation of the bridge including a new paint job.

As for the Hog River Dam, infrastructure work was done over the summer to help the flooding problem. Jason Farrell, the assistant director of Facilities, said he hopes the work will “help the water flow a little more smoothly”.

Plans for next summer include a renovation to Regents Park. For a more modern look, The University of thinking about using vinyl for the exterior, and they are also looking for a way to quiet the loud shower heads.

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