Fall Foliage - Heublein Tower

50 Square Miles of Foliage in all Directions

By Andrew Bombard | 10/19/10 | Updated 10/19/10 | Posted in Sports

The Heublein Tower sits atop Talcott Mountain; and offers spectacular views in every direction.

The observation room is about a thousand feet up, featuring an awesome panoramic view of the surrounding area; foliage almost in peak. Avon and Simsbury are visible to the west, the Hartford skyline to the east.

Not only can you see landmarks, and fifty square miles in all directions, but the tower is a landmark itself.

“The Tower was built in 1914, it was built by Gilbert Heublein who was a Hartford importer of fine wines and liquor and had a manufacturing plant in Hartford. He and his wife spent their summers here, this was a summer residence.” – Kathryn Hoidge

The tower is now on state property, and under renovations organized by the non-profit group, Friends of Heublein Tower. The group is hosting its yearly “Tower Toot” Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 10 to 5PM in an effort to raise funds.

“It’s a major fundraiser for us for the year. And there will be all kinds of food. On Saturday we will have a German band playing here in tribute to Gilbert Heublein’s German heritage.” - Hoidge

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