Surging Hawks to Face Maine

Record: 6-4

By Nick Drago | 02/08/11 | Posted in Sports

Hartford's defeat of Vermont last week was just the latest stepping stone in their "comeback". It could be because they are playing lousy teams or maybe they have just been playing exceedingly well but the fact of the matter is the Hawks are on quite a streak. If you look at the numbers though you'll see that the they haven't beaten a team higher then them in the standings all season. They came very close to stopping UMBC in double overtime and then three days later they came within eight of BU. So they have the potential to win.

Jen Rizzotti mentioned after the Vermont game last week that they can't make excuse such as injured players for their loses. The team needs to just start the second half of conference play right. Which of course what they have done. Its also important to remember that both the UMBC and BU games were away. If we were to play either of those in the America East Tournament which for us will be at home, it may be a different story. Home court means everything in this conference and the opposing coach's know it as none of them want to take on UHA in the first round.

Looking at tonight's game against Maine. Hartford has already beaten them once last month. In fact Maine only has one win in conference as they are dead last. Watch out for Ruthanne Doherty and Nikkia Smith who have both been on fire in the last three games. Also watch out for Daphne Elliot. Believe it or not these young sophomores are leading this team. Coach Rizzotti mentioned that she just can't wait for them to become Juniors.

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