Top 10 Sports Moments From 2010-2011


By Nick Drago | 05/31/11 | Updated 05/31/11 | Posted in Sports

This season was the end of an era and the start of the future. We saw faces like Joe Zeglinski and Dan Gaspar leave us but welcomed new faces such as John Gallagher. The Hawks managed to surprise us time and time again with some mystical, awe-inspiring moments. Here are just 10 those moments.

10) VOLLEYBALL TOPPLES ALBANY (10/17/10) On 10/17/10 the Volleyball team broke their conference curse and managed to win an American East game for the first time since 2007. Kami Nethersole lead the Hawks with 19 kills and 10 digs for a double double. Lindsey Ford also had the same number of digs along with 52 assists. Hartford would go on to win two more games. One against Stony Brook on 10/24 and another vs. Providence on 10/29.

9) MEN'S BASKETBALL SHOCKS BU (1/22/11) The men coming off a tough double OT loss to UMBC had to bounce back quick. Starting off 18-2 in the first half this did not look like UHA's night. However thanks to the dunking abilities of Minor and Burton the crowd stayed on their feet. Morgan Sabia kept Hartford in it with 3 straight 3-pointers. With seconds left and a tie Joe Zeglinski did what he does best putting up three points to put Hartford up 58-55. Hawks would get the win in the end 59-55

8) LACROSSE BEATS ALBANY RECEIVES NATIONAL ATTENTION (3/30/11) At this point in the season the Lacrosse team was doing fairly well with a 6-3 record. The biggest challenge for them would be conference play. At the time UAlbany had an eight game winning streak over UHA. Today was different though as Hartford dominated the 2nd and 3rd quarters to get the win. When the National Rankings were released a few days later the Hawks received a vote but did not make the top 20

7) MEN'S SOCCER OT WIN OVER THE ARMY (10/20/10) James Stamopoulos became a hero on this day scoring the overtime goal on a breakaway. Keeper Ryan Cullen on the Black Knights couldn't believe it as he watch James running around the field in celebration.

6) MEN'S SOCCER THE 27 SECOND GOAL (10/2/10) Perhaps even more impressive than above. It was parents weekend along with Portugal day at the University leading to a crowded Al-Marzook Field whom watched in awe as Pat Boucher put the game winning UHA goal in the net with 27 seconds left on the clock. Needless to say Albany was not happy. "Viva Portugal, Viva America, Viva Hartford!"

5) MEN'S BASKETBALL UPSETS MAINE IN THE AMERICA EAST TOURNY (3/5/11) For the first time in a long time the seats were packed to watch the Hawks take on #3 Maine in the AE tournament. Hartford had already beaten them twice this season and wanted to make it three times. Genesis Maciel scored a career-high 19 points to put UHA on top in the end. What turned out to be even more amazing about this Hartford Moment was that the fans stormed the court to celebrate.

4) WOMENS BASKETBALL ROCKS UMBC (3/4/11) Forget the face that UMBC was the top seed, facing the team that beat UHA twice in the regular season was going to be tough enough. Somehow Jen Rizzotti knew right away that the Hawks would win. Which is exactly what they did upsetting the retrievers 66-48. Daphne Eliott lead the team with 13 points and 9 rebounds. Thanks to a superb defense the ladies would move on to face BU in the AE finals.

3) RYAN COMPITELLO'S MIRACLE GOAL (5/7/11) Who would have thought going into the Lacrosse season that Hartford would make it to the NCAA's. Maybe the team and coaching staff did but the fans were not as hopeful. Stony Brook was ranked #13 and already beat UHA once so the match up was in there favor. In a previous interview with STN2 Coach Lawrence talked about how evenly matched the two teams truly are. As the game clock started to approach zero and the score tied (thanks to a Carter Bender goal with 3 minutes left) it looked like we were going into OT. However nobody accounted for Ryan Compitello to score an incredible goal with a second left on the clock.

2) WOMEN BASKETBALL AT AMERICA EAST FINALS (3/12/2011) Even more shocking then the Lacrosse teams dramatics had to be the Lady Hawks fight to the NCAA tourney. Starting the season 2-10 was something nobody expected and at the time it was looking like the Rizzotti magic was waring off. However when they ended the season 17-16 entering the AE tournament as the 4 seed nobody doubted them. The ladies trampled over BU to keep the UHA dynasty alive. Alex Hall had 15 points and was no doubt the teams MVP in that game.

1) LACROSSE BECOMES NATIONALLY RANKED (5/9/11) Many may not agree with this as the number one moment however those who were caught up in the UHA LAX bandwagon will understand. Many fans would sit at there computers all day every Monday just to see if Hartford would crack the top ten. Sadly it took over a month and some heroics by Ryan Compitello, Tim Fallon, and Carter Bender to get them the 19th spot in the U.S. This was their first ranking since 2000.

The great thing about the sports world is that it is an ever changing place it won't be long until one great moment is over shadowed by another. Last season was fantastic but this season also has a lot to look forward to. Maybe we could see the Men's BBall team win the AE, or the Ladies, perhaps a repeat performance from LAX, or a shocking new Volleyball team. Good luck to the 2011-2012 Hartford Hawks!

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