NFL Week 5 Power Rankings


By STN2 Staff | 10/05/11 | Posted in Sports

This week had a number of impressive upsets and comebacks but after the dust cleared whose number 1? STN2's Sports Director Nick Drago and General Manager Obi Anugweje gve your their results.


1)Packers/4-0/1/1/Come on how could these guys not be number 1 on this list (Drago)

2)Ravens/4-0/2/3/Did you see how they made the Jets look like the Panthers? no doubt this is a top 3 team (Anugweje)

3)Patriots/3-1/3/2/They are going to continue their domination of the league against the Jets this weekend (Drago)

4)Saints/3-1/4/4/The team didn't look its best on Sunday but they still are one of the best in the league (Drago)

5)Lions/4-0/5/6/I'll give them the benefit of a great comeback but I'm still not convinced (Anugweje)

6)Texans/3-1/6/8/Any team that makes the Steelers look foolish deserves to be high on this list (Drago)

7)Bills/3-1/7/5/Even though they lost the Bills still looked good (Drago)...How do you let the Bengals win like that? Their going back to their old ways (Anugweje)

8)Chargers/3-1/8/10/Anyone could beat Miami (Anugweje)

9)Giants/3-1/9/7/Big Blue actually looks like a legit team they just have to stop all the injuries (Drago)

10)Steelers/2-2/10/9/If they keep giving the ball to Mendenhall they'll turn the season around (Anugweje)

11)Jets/2-2/11/11/I think we can all agree the Jets don't stand a chance this week (Anugweje)

12)Cowboys/2-2/12/15/Call me crazy but I still think the Cowboys are the team to beat in the NFC East (Drago)

13)Buccaneers/3-1/13/12/I'm sure Hayden Harrower would say something along the lines of them being an "awesome scrappy" team (Drago)

14)Raiders/2-2/14/16/Based on how they played against the Pats I see their season going down hill from here (Anugweje)

15)Redskins/3-1/15/13/The Redskins have a lot of upside right now (Anugweje)

16)Titans/3-1/16/14/How did they win without Kenny Britt? (Drago)

17)49ers/3-1/17/17/San Fran keeps winning games but I'm not convinced it will last (Drago)

18)Falcons/2-2/18/20/How do you let Seattle get that close to victory? (Anugweje)

19)Bears/2-2/19/18/These guys nearly dropped the ball against Cam-olina (Drago)

20)Browns/2-2/20/21/Has Peyton Hillis been hit with the Madden curse? (Drago)

21)Bengals/2-2/21/19/A year ago the Bengals would have moved down on the list for beating the Bills the way they did (Anugweje)

22)Eagles/1-3/22/22/I wonder if anyone still considers them the "Miami Heat" of the NFL (Anugweje)...Michael Vick's comeback is over (Drago)

23)Cardinals/1-3/23/23/Regardless of how they played against the Giants they still lost (Drago)

24)Panthers/1-3/24/28/The Panthers need a win soon if they want to save their season (Anugweje)

25)Seahawks/1-3/25/24/They aren't dead yet (Drago)...They probably will be soon though (Anugweje)

26)Broncos/1-3/26/29/We want Tebow!!! (Drago)

27)Jaguars/1-3/27/27/I still don't see any upward direction for this team (Anugweje)

28)Colts/0-4/28/26/I don't care if its Collins or Painter starting put a fork in them (Drago)

29)Chiefs/1-3/29/25/So I guess the Chiefs can win a game (Drago)...Yeah against another win less team (Anugweje)

30)Vikings/0-4/30/30/You know your a bad team when you lose to the Chiefs (Drago)

31)Dolphins/0-4/31/31/I bet most college football team could beat the fins right now (Anugweje)

32)Rams/0-4/32/32/Sam Bradford? Whose that? (Drago)

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