NFL Week 10 Power Rankings


By Nick Drago | 11/08/11 | Posted in Sports

David Tyree's Miracle Catch 2007
David Tyree's Miracle Catch 2007

Here are this weeks power rankings presented by Sports Director Nick Drago, Newscast Director Hayden Harrower, and Sports Reporter Ben Cohn.


1) Packers/8-0/1/1/1/Undefeated enough said. Scored 45 points against the Chargers. With Rodgers at QB, best offense in the NFL (Cohn)

2) Ravens/6-2/2/3/4/Beat the Steelers twice makes them one of the best of the best (Harrower)

3) 49ers/7-1/4/4/3/I still don't believe it, but this team is for real (Drago)

4) Lions/6-2/6/2/6/If Best can stay healthy this team is golden! (Harrower)

5) Saints/6-3/3/5/7/Defeated the Buccaneers. Drew Brees continues to tear defenses apart (Cohn)

6) Giants/6-2/8/9/2/Big Blue stuns the Pats! Their starting to turn some heads (Drago)

7) Steelers/6-3/5/6/9/Well the Ravens may have their number but Pitt can dance with the best (Drago)

8) Bengals/6-2/9/7/5/Andy Dalton is the best rookie QB this season and Bengals still in first in the division (Cohn)

9) Texans/6-3/7/10/8/Houston's never been this good! Watch out for them (Harrower)

10) Bears/5-3/12/8/12/Made the eagles look like a pee wee team in front of a lot of people (Drago)

11) Patriots/5-3/10/11/11/Tough match against the Jets this week, Brady has to bounce back (Harrower)

12) Jets/5-3/11/12/10/Its going to be tough for Gang Green to beat NE (Cohn)

13) Falcons/5-3/13/13/13/If they can beat the Saints the Falcons will be legit (Drago)

14) Bills/5-3/14/14/14/Are they back to their old ways? Was it too good to be true? (Harrower)

15) Chargers/4-4/15/15/15/Almost beat the Packers. Unfortunately the defense gave up way too many points (Cohn)

16) Cowboys/4-4/16/17/16/Dallas has an easy schedule coming up, lets see if they can make the most of it (Drago)

17) Raiders/4-4/17/16/20/Palmer threw 6 interceptions in 2 games. Atleast we know one person who is happy. Jason Campbell (Cohn)...Yeah and the Bengals (Drago)

18) Buccaneers/4-4/18/18/19/They just aren't the same Bucs from last year (Harrower)

19) Titans/4-4/19/19/18/Put a fork in them (Cohn)

20) Chiefs/4-4/22/20/17/They were looking pretty good up until this week (Harrower)

21) Broncos/3-5/21/21/21/Remember when they said Tebow would never player well in the NFL? I don't (Drago)

22) Eagles/3-5/20/23/22/Dream team? Yea right (Cohn)

23) Redskins/3-5/23/22/23/Why is Beck still starting? The world may never know (Drago)

24) Browns/3-5/26/24/24/These guys need a new everything (Harrower)

25) Panthers/2-6/25/26/26/Cam-olina has a nickname and a fan base...but still need some wins (Drago)

26) Vikings/2-6/24/25/28/Ponder was definitely the right choice...for next season (Cohn)

27) Cardinals/2-6/29/28/25/I'd rather have a corn on the colb than Kevin Kolb (Drago)

28) Seahawks/2-6/27/31/27/At this point the division is out of reach for them (Harrower)

29) Jaguars/2-6/28/27/30/I want to see more Blaine! (Cohn)

30) Dolphins/1-7/31/30/29/I guess Andrew Luck will be playing elsewhere (Drago)

31) Rams/1-7/30/29/31/Is it even worth watching the Rams anymore? (Harrower)

32) Colts/0-9/32/32/32/Peyton please come back! (Cohn)...I love how we all agreed that the Pack was the best and the Colts where the worst (Drago)

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