Pre-Season NFL Power Rankings


By Nick Drago | 09/05/12 | Posted in Sports

Ray Rice
Ray Rice  (

1) GREEN BAY- By the looks of it Aaron Rodgers could do what Brett Favre couldn' 2 superbowls (Drago)

2) NEW ENGLAND- The Pats picked up a lot of defense in the draft (Cohn)

3) NEW YORK- The Giants WRs have some Giant hands (Fecura)

4) BALTIMORE- Flacco needs to step up his game (Cohn)

5) SAN FRANCISCO- Time to find out if last season was a fluke or if these guys are for real (Fecura)

6) PHILADELPHIA- I'm not saying they have a "dream team" but everyone seems to forget all the weapons they have (Drago)

7) HOUSTON- They're not winning the superbowl but they have the division locked up (Fecura)

8) PITTSBURGH- Its an even numbered year...I smell success (Drago)

9) ATLANTA- The Falcons are pretty confident they'll make the playoffs but can they win a postseason game? (Cohn)

10) NEW ORLEANS- I think the Saints will come marching in force to prove they have what it takes (Fecura)

11) CHICAGO- The Bears are putting a lot of hope into Branden Marshall, dont believe the hype (Drago)

12) DETROIT- Motor city is looking good but are they consistent (Fecura)

13) DENVER- They barely made the playoffs with a bad quarterback...they shouldn't have a problem with a good one (Cohn)

14) SAN DIEGO- They look worse and worse every year (Drago)

15) DALLAS- A healthy Romo = a chance at success (Cohn)

16) CINCINNATI- Its time for the Bengals to have 2 winning seasons in a row (Drago)

17) NEW YORK- So far all I've seen is 1 touchdown and a lot of talking (Fecura)

18) KANSAS CITY- They have a lot of one hit wonders, not enough talent (Cohn)

19) TENNESSEE- The Titans still have some building to do (Cohn)

20) BUFFALO- They had one good stretch and suddenly everyone thinks they're a contender again (Drago)

21) SEATTLE- I like the improvements, but still think its going to be a long season (Fecura)

22) TAMPA BAY- If Vincent Jackson cant save the Bucs nobody can (Cohn)

23) CAROLINA- Cam Newton needs some help (Drago)

24) ARIZONA- Skelton has a better chance at success than Kolb, its about time the Cards made a good choice (Cohn)

25) OAKLAND- Carson Palmer is past his prime, they need help in a lot of areas (Fecura)

26) WASHINGTON- RG3 could be the savior of this team in 3 or 4 years (Drago)

27) MIAMI- The fins need a lot of pieces (Cohn)

28) JACKSONVILLE- Just trade him already! He doesn't want to play for you (Fecura)

29) ST. LOUIS- The Rams have moved up, but not alot (Drago)

30) INDIANAPOLIS- The Colts are going to need a lot of LUCK to get through this season (Drago)

31) MINNESOTA- The Vikes need to clean house, everything must go...including Peterson (Drago)

32) CLEVELAND- A 28 year old rookie may not be what the Browns need right now (Fecura)

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