Club Spotlight: Gospel Choir

A closer look at the University's Gospel Choir

By Kim Bigelow | 09/26/13 | Updated 09/26/13 | Posted in News, Campus News, STN Club Spotlight

The University's gospel choir is a large group of students who get together each week for prayer and gospel music. Their president, Shantal Russell, sat down with us to talk a bit about what is is like to be in the choir.

Russell said, "It's kind of like a safe haven is what I call it. I know it is for so many people, for so many college kids, who are in the choir. It's kind of like a breath of fresh air. You can come here and be free, you know, and be yourself."

The choir won for Best Gospel at the Connecticut Music Awards. This was the second awards ceremony, and the first time that gospel was included in the categories.

When asked of her reaction to the award, Russell responded, "When they called our names we sat there for five extra seconds like, 'Did they really just call us?' Because we didn't think we would win. Not that we didn't think we were good enough, we didn't even think we should have been categorized in such a, you know, with all of these great people who were attending the event."

The gospel choir has many events throughout the year. Russell said, "We learn about eight or nine songs throughout the semester and we go out to different churches in the community and we have two big concerts [on campus], one in the fall and one in the spring." Apart from these performances, the choir also holds smaller campus events during the year.

Those interested in joining the choir should simply attend a rehearsal. These rehearsals are held every Thursday at 7:30pm in the University Commons room 116/118, right near Hawk's Nest. For more information, visit the link below.

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