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Hawk Hall Derby

RLCs to hold soapbox derby event starting this year

By Desiree Roberts | 10/10/13 | Updated 10/10/13 | Posted in Campus News

The idea for the Hawk Hall Derby was introduced just this year but had mixed reviews at first.

Wellness RA Devyn Kangas stated, "It is a soapbox derby and the idea was brought up by Jason Tutellbaum an RA but he's an MRA which means he's in charge of the RA's and he's always had a dream to have a soap box derby so he brought upp the idea and we all kinda laughed at him but shelby was like yeah lets to it."

The derby will be held from 2:30-4:30pm snacks will be served to anyone in attendance.

"Anyone, anyone can come, for Hawk Hall specifically we're doing RLC we're having races between them for a trophy but anyone can race. Anyone from the village, RPR, anywhere."

If you are in attendance, you may be eligible to race, possibly more than once.

Hawk-Spirit RA Alexa Keener commented, "If you wanna race, you should be able to race as long as there is enough time, we're gonna run it for about two, two and a half hours, we'll do as many as we can in the time we have."

"There's no limit, we're looking to get one-hundred but we're hoping to get more coming to support and to see the races so around one- hundred but we're hoping for more."

Both Devyn and Alexa are excited for the event and they think everyone should come out and support.

The soapbox derby will consist of the racing of cars for approximately two hours on the service road between E and F Complexes.

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