UHA Steppaz

Hartford's step-team on campus

By Desiree Roberts | 02/27/14 | Updated 02/27/14 | Posted in News, Campus News, STN Club Spotlight

The Step-team at the University of Hartford serves as an excellent outlet for some students.

"When I came here I wanted a hobby, I didn't want to be bored just laying in my bed so somebody told me there were tryouts so I just went to the gym one day, I tried out and made the team," stated the UHA Steppaz Captain, Christyn Brown.

The UHA Steppaz take pride in their spirit and their rich history.

"Before we were an actual step team, we were a spirit squad for the basketball games and stuff like that, then we became the UHA Steppaz and we started stepping for the basketball games and competitions."

The process to be on the step team is not difficult.

"So you just come to tryouts for two days, you learn the step, you learn the stroll and on the third day, you show both of that and if you have any special talents: singing, dancing, jokes, juggling , cartwheels, you show them," Brown stated.

The step-team has a variety of performances.

"We do big performances for Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Awareness, Midnight Mania, Fashion Show. We have our showcase coming up, so we do a mixture of things," Brown stated.

The UHA Steppaz have tryouts twice a year in the Sports Center. Information is put up a week before tryouts on flyers by some eateries on campus, inclusing Commons and Hawk'S Nest.

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