Architecture Lectures


By Briana Briggs | 03/04/16 | Posted in News, Campus News

The University of Hartford is holding a series of architecture lectures on campus in Wilde Auditorium in the upcoming weeks. The speakers will consist of people who have different experiences and backgrounds in the world of architecture including some of our very own Hartford professors.

On March 2nd this past week, professor Dr. Michael Crosby delivered a lecture entitled: What's An Architecture Critique [To] Do? He stressed on the importance of a critics role to influence and demand better work from future buildings and stated that with the vast social media outlets that we have today, that anyone can be an architecture critic.

Although these lectures may seem geared towards architecture students Dr. Crosby believes that they may also be of interest to students majoring in engineering, public policy, design and art just to name a few. The next lecture will be given by Dr. Derek A. Ham, a professor at North Carolina State University and will take place on March 9th. For a list of all of the upcoming lectures please go to the link below.

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