New England Air Museum

By STN2 Staff | 04/24/06 | Posted in News

Located about 20 minutes away from the university, on the other side of Bradley International Airport is the New England Air Museum. Michael Speciale is the executive director of the museum and is also a graduate of the Barney school of business. He claims, “I think the museum is a place that once people come and discover they’ll be surprised at how much we have to offer.” Visitors can gaze upon aircrafts from all different eras of history. They can also look at different types of aircrafts ranging from helicopters to air force and navy fighter jets to full size commercial jets. Brad McDonald is a visitor to the air museum. For him this visit holds special meaning. No matter what age you are the New England Air Museum has many things to offer; whether you’re a training pilot just starting out or an aviation veteran looking back on history.

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