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Walter Harrison Leadership Academy Lecture

U.S Senator Blumenthal gives lecture

By Jorge Rosas | 04/28/16 | Posted in Campus News

The Walter Harrison Leadership Academy had its second and last seminar this past Saturday. This time the speaker was U.S senator Richard Blumenthal.

Senator Blumenthal is an alumni from the University of Hartford, he is serving his first year as the U.S senator of Connecticut, he was an attorney general for Connecticut before being senator and has fought against corruption within big industries.

Senator Blumenthal is described as an honest, fair and transparent man, making him a perfect speaker for the Walter Harrison Leadership Academy lectures.

In his lecture Blumenthal spoke of what it means to be a leader and the qualities that make up a great leader. He mentioned university's outstanding programs such as the prosthetic program. The lecture however mainly focused on the idea of leadership and how it comes in many forms. Students were encouraged to become some kind of leader in their desired career path.

This was the second and last lecture of the year, there will be future lectures next year here at the university. The lectures will have different speakers and the topics will depend on the speaker. No matter who the speaker may be, they will definitely be a leader of some kind and will influence the students here on campus to become leaders in their lives.

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