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Deadly Smog in Indian Capital

Worst case in decades

By Jorge Rosas | 11/07/16 | Updated 11/07/16 | Posted in World News


Following Diwali weekend, New Delhi, India's capital has reached unhealthy levels of pollution that has resulted in the capital being covered in deadly smog. The smog has made visibility and breathing difficult for the civilians of New Delhi and has prompted officials to act. Schools were shut down along with construction sites so that the spreading of dust would stop.

There have been many factors that contributed to New Delhi's degrading air quality. Farmers in New Delhi burn land for the winter, effects on the environment from expansions of the city, and pollution from cars and factories. Fumes from firecrackers used in the Diwali festival may have very well contributed to the city's poor air quality.

The coal-based power plant, Badarpur Thermal Station has been accused of being one of the largest contributing factors to the toxic smog. The power plant has since been shut down until mid November.

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