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Election viewing party

CAT hosts an election viewing party for all students

By Amanda Corcoran | 11/10/16 | Posted in Campus News

Election Viewing Party @ Uhart
Election Viewing Party @ Uhart

During the election viewing party, CAT was handing out popcorn and different types of political gifts. There were face masks of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton set up and little hats for people to take pictures with in front of a backdrop. The event went on from 6pm to around midnight. About 100 people came to the event to view the historical event. CAT had a big screen set up to view the showing.

"We choose to have the event set up in Hawks Nest so we could have a great turnout. People coming in and out can also view the election while waiting for their food" said Torshia Anderson.

For more information on the event go on the and search for CAT.

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