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New changes

By Jorge Rosas | 09/14/17 | Posted in Campus News

The CETA Ambassador and Leadership Society is a new and improved version of the CETA Ambassador program. This new version has merged CETA's mentoring program, which focuses on supporting first year students, with it's Ambassador program.

The program is focusing on reaching out to new students before they even arrive on campus. First year students received an email from their mentors in August. The CETA mentors visit all of the freshmen dialogue classes to introduce themselves,

In addition to improving student and mentor communication, the society will be planning to make more events on and off campus. Examples include Engineering week, Girls day and high school visits.

The Ambassador and Leadership Society is inclusive to all majors within CETA. Anybody who has interest in joining the society can contact Julie Spring (JSPRING@HARTFORD.EDU), Dr. Ying Yu (YYU@HARTFORD.EDU) and Dean Alnajjar (ALNAJJAR@HARTFORD.EDU).

There is 3.0 G.P.A requirement and will need to fill out an application and sit down for an interview.

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