Man arrested on campus for stealing from the bookstore

Bookstore thief arrested on Friday

By Matthew Vega | 09/21/17 | Posted in News, Campus News, Local News

University of Hartford Bookstore
University of Hartford Bookstore

On Friday, employees from the bookstore called Public Safety stating that person who stole a sweatshirt with candy and soda.

Public Safety apprehended the man in a matter of minutes after the incident in a alumni plaza, then they brought him back to public safety where West Hartford police issued him a summons and escorted him to his vehicle. They were unable to pinpoint his reason for being on campus.

The man was identified in a banner system as being a University of Hartford student in 2010 seven years ago.

The items were recovered and returned accordingly back to the bookstore.

The suspect was released on a summons and is expected to be seen in court. He has also been banned from the school.

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