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Learning Beyond the Classroom

New requirement for A&S students

By Jorge Rosas | 11/20/18 | Posted in Campus News

The school of Arts and Sciences have implemented a new requirement for students, one that will make them “career ready”. Dean of the college of Arts and Sciences, Katherine Black provided some insight into this new requirement.

“The highest priorities in the college [ of A&S ] is to enhance students critical thinking, problem solving skills and their career readiness and one of the ways we decided to go about that was to require a new learning beyond the classroom experience”

Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) is the name of the new requirement; the idea behind it being that students will apply what they learn in the classroom to real world experiences.

Dean Black states that while students learn valuable skills in the classroom, it’s when they apply those skills that growth in a student occurs.

The LBC requirement can be fulfilled with experiences other than internships. Studying abroad, undergraduate research, volunteer services, or service learning are the few of the many options available for students.

Students will have to declare what the intend to do for their LBC and then they will be assigned a “mentor”. The role of the mentor is to help students pick what kind of out of classroom experience they want but to also be there for students should they have any problems, questions or concerns during the LBC.

In addition to the LBC students will have to write reflection reports on their LBC as they experience it. One midway and after the experience, this is so that students take the time to understand and think about how this experience has contributed to their career goals

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