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Iran Nazario Visits Campus

Iran Nazario visits campus for discussion on Gang Violence

By Marceline De Angelis | 12/07/18 | Updated 12/07/18 | Posted in Campus News

This Wednesday, Peace Center of Connecticut founder Iran Nazario visited the University of Hartford. He visited the university with the purpose of teaching persuasion methods to students in the communications school in addition to briefly discussing his work with the peace center. Mr. Nazario’s idea for the peace center came about after a meeting when he looked up to the sky wishing that “Hartford had a bat-signal”. This “bat-signal” would bring people together in moments of needs and crises, uniting the community. Nazario believes that the peace center can be that bat signal for the community. Since being founded in 2016, The Peace Center’s mission statement has been to form partnerships in order to bring peace to different communities. Nazario believes that one of the peace center’s greatest triumph is uniting people in the peace community that had never met one another. This builds morale, and gives the greater community hope that peace is possible. Nazario’s current goal is to see his organization to expand. Currently they share a headquarters with another organization but soon they hope to obtain their own headquarters. This visit to the university was not Nazario’s first. He has visited and spoken with other professors, and even Chris Lyons from Public Safety in the past. Mr. Nazario stated that any student interested in the organization is welcome to look into it, and that they could serve as role models for the community.

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