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Internship Roadshow hosted by CETA

By Marceline De Angelis | 02/18/19 | Updated 02/18/19 | Posted in Campus News

The event was hosted by CT Next and the Connecticut Technology Council, and gave students the opportunity to network with professionals from manufacturing and other local tech companies. At the event, students could speak with professionals from a range of companies about internship opportunities or internships that will be offered in the future.

Some of the members on the panel included David Pines, Professor in the Civil, Environmental, and Biomedical Engineering Department in CETA, as well as Ryan Polk, Assistant Director of Employer Relations in the Office of Career Services. Both members are able to connect students with companies for internships, job opportunities. CETA also takes pride in offering classes and events like this for students to work on their career readiness skills. Stephanie Fengler, Marketing Communications Manager at CETA, encourages students to get involved.

“The panel focused on how both industry professionals and students can learn about building internship opportunities and how both parties can make the most of this type of experience. We hope events like this will welcome more companies to work with the University to hire our talented students for internships and job placement,” says Fengler.

In a world driven by the digital space, Fengler also encourages students to create their own online resume portfolio to have a place to showcase their work, activities, and career aspirations. Over a hundred CETA students have done this for a recent class project and have made business cards with their contact information and link to their website where their digital portfolio lives. If students pursue this, they can bring their own business cards to networking events like this.

CETA is unsure if the event is going to take place again for next year but has more career-ready events planned for the near future, such as a resume critique day on March 11th. CETA is also teaming up with the Barney School of Business on March 5th for a Business Technology Career Fair.

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