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Alabama Tornado

EF-4 Tornado leaves 24 dead and destroyed homes

By Jorge Rosas | 03/09/19 | Updated 03/09/19 | Posted in World News

Lee County, Alabama was the victim of an EF-4 Tornado this Monday, where it left 24 people dead. The tornado has left people without homes and left the community to band together and recover from the tornado. The tornado had winds as strong as 170 mph, which has led to a 24 mile path of destruction.

Alabama has been hit by tornado in the past, notably in 2013 and 2011. In 2013 Alabama was hot by a EF-5 tornado where it also left 24 people dead and caused almost 2 billion dollars in damage. In the year 2013 Alabama was hit by a EF-4 tornado that resulted in over 60 deaths. With the tornado over, Alabama is expecting storms this weekend.

President Trump and First Lady Ivanka visited Lee county to survey the damage. They paid their respects to the 24 victims who lost their lives. Trump also signed peoples bibles and has sparked controversy over this action.

The American Red Cross is giving donations to aid the aftermath relief.

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