Rasmei Tep

Rasmei Tep 2016-17

Rasmei Tep is a sophomore from Bristol, CT. Soon after Rasmei joined the Student Television Network at the start of his freshman year, he realized that his passion was working in television and decided to switch majors from Computer Science to Communication. After serving as STN’s Graphics Director for the Spring 2016 semester, Rasmei was elected Senior Producer; though he still stays involved with the engineering department.

Over the summer of 2016, Rasmei helped commission a control room at the University of Nevada in Reno and assisted with the assembly and configuration a mobile production unit for Iona College. Prior to his attendance at the University of Hartford, Rasmei was the captain of a local FIRST Robotics team. He enjoys tinkering, photo-editing, meeting new people and being around his friends and family. Rasmei hopes to pursue a career as a freelance operator for sports broadcasts and a technical consultant for studio builds after he graduates.