Travis Girouard

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Travis Girouard is a transfer Junior from West Suffield, Connecticut studying Digital Media and Journalism Travis joined STN because he always loved being in video production and creating content. Coming from a community college, he never had the opportunity to work with a group of people who all loved the same work that he did. At first, he didn’t think he would like to work in news but with everyone in the crew being so supportive and encouraging it’s one of his favorite things about coming here.

Outside of STN, one of his favorite things to do is being outside. During the summer he and his friends love to play soccer and lacrosse. He would be outside during the winter too if his friends didn’t always complain about being cold. He also love to go camping. Besides being a huge Star Wars fan, one of his favorite things is filming and editing videos. Ever since high school he knew he wanted to create commercials and films. He can’t see himself doing anything else.