New Alcohol Regulations On Campus

Starting February 13, students will face a new method of enforcing alcohol policy on campus. Public safety will begin issuing students who are caught drinking citations. If you are caught drinking in a public area, public safety will give you a citation which according to Lieutenant Todd Cherry will be “a code of conduct warning.” First offenses will be a warning. The second offences will result in a judicial hearing. Any additional offences will lead to strikes on housing and possible further disciplinary action by the university. Lieutenant Cherry stresses that this new policy is for the good of the entire university community. He thinks this will keep students safe while allowing everyone to have a good time. If you are going to consume alcohol you need to be 21 and in your apartments. No alcohol will be allowed to be consumed outside. If you take the party class your patrons will be allowed to consume alcohol outside in designated venues. Public safety can be reached at extension 7985 for more questions and information.