NFL Week 4

After what people may be calling the first ever game winning interception for decades and after millions of calls to the commish’s office by fans, the replacement refs were finally let go and the real refs came back to the game we love so much.
Hoping to move forward the Browns traveled to Baltimore to take on the Ravens who inched away with a win last week against the Patriots. To many people’s surprise this game came down to the last few seconds. After the Browns got a mulligan after a careless penalty by the Ravens they failed to put in the endzone which resulted in the score being 23-16. Torrey Smith also racked up almost 100 yards and snagged a touchdown after still dealing with the loss of his brother only a week ago. Joe Flacco had a nice fantasy day putting up 356 in the air, with a touchdown to Smith and one on his own. Cleveland hasn’t been as bad as a team as their record shows. Both Brandon Wheedon and Trent Richardson have shown that they have what it takes to be good NFL players in the near future, but now is not them or the rest of the Brown’s time.
The Houston Texans remained one of the league’s best teams staying undefeated, beating the Tennessee Titans, 38-14. Houston’s defense really showed their stuff in this game picking off two picks and returning them to the house. And if that wasn’t bad enough for the Titans, it looks like they will be without Jake Locker next week against the surprising Vikings. And if Chris Johnson has more days like he had today, the Titans will only have a little worrying to do.
And the Tebow chants slowly start to pile out of New Jersey(Yes, not New York, they play in New Jersey, get over it). Mark Sanchez was pretty bad to put it lightly, throwing for 103 yards and one interception while losing to the 49ers, 34-0. After losing to Minnesota last week, San Fran came back firing especially on defense only allowing 145 yards of offense.
After having one of the most talked about games last week, not because of a spectacular performance but because of the worst call in an NFL game, the Seahawks looked to come away with an actual win with real refs. But in the end they couldn’t do that losing to the Rams, 19-13 in a game where field goals took control of the outcome. Greg Zuerlein booted in four field goals for the Rams, while Steven Hauschka put in two for the Seahawks.
The Chargers defense really helped out San Diego to beat the Cheifs 37-20. The Chargers force six turnovers on Kansas City, picking off Matt Cassel three times and one of those was for six points. Rivers had an alright day, throwing for 209 yards and two td’s.
And somehow the Vikings continue to win against teams we thought that were good. This week they managed to come away with a 20-13 win against the Lions. This is two weeks in a row that Minnesota has beaten teams that were in the playoffs just last year. With either quarterback or running back from both teams getting a big zero in the touchdown column, it was another special team game. With Percy Harvin taking a kick return to the house and Marcus Shereis did the same with a punt return.
If only the NFL was sometimes just one half, says every single Buffalo Bills fan. After a dominant 35 minutes against the Patriots, it seemed as if the Bills’ cheerleaders subbed in for them as they lied down for the Pats and let them run 247 yards on them, losing 52-28, giving up 45 unanswered points. And let’s not forget Tom Brady either, he had a pretty nice day with 340 yards and three touchdowns. The Bills look to redeem themselves when they travel to Candlestick Park and take on the 49ers.
What a close one it was down in Atlanta as Matt Bryant and the Falcons kicked themselves into an undefeated season by downing the Panthers late 30-28, after having to start from their own one-yard line. Matt Ryan had a stellar day, throwing for 369 and three touchdowns. On the other end of the pass, Roddy White caught two of those td’s and totaled up 169 yards.
The Bengals continued to keep pace with the Ravens in the AFC North after a solid win against the Jaguars winning, 27-10. Andy Dalton threw for 244 yards and a pair of touchdowns and had one of his own on the ground. The Bengals look to continue their winning ways when they travel back home to take on the Miami Dolphins.
And in a day when Ryan Tannehill threw for 431 yards and the Dolphins looked like they were going to come away with the win, they once again showed the world why they were the Dolphins. For the second straight week, Miami loses in overtime on a field goal, 24-21.
Well at least Oakland has one team to look up too. While the A’s move forward to the playoffs, the Raiders on the other hand look awful this season, dropping another game to the Denver Broncos, 37-6. Peyton Manning looked like his old self, throwing for 338 yards and three touchdowns. Willis McGahee had 112 yards on the ground and a touchdown of his own.
RG3 had a much better game than last week tossing up 323 yards in the air, as Billy Cundiff kicked the Redskins to victory over Tampa Bay, 24-22. Not really known running back Alfred Morris had 113 and a touchdown. But with a depleted defense it is going to be tough for Washington to keep winning these close games.
After getting their last game taken away from them on an awful call by the replacement refs, the Packers were looking for vengeance as the Saints came to town. It was quite a quarterback throw down and even though Drew Brees through for 446 yards and three touchdowns, Aaron Rodgers brought the Pack back to their winning ways, 28-27, with 319 yards and four touchdowns of his own.
Reasons like the Sunday night game are why icing the kicker should just stop. The Eagles almost screwed their chance of winning by icing Lawerence Tynes where he missed his “practice” kick wide left. But he got another chance and came within feet to put the Giants ahead and take the game. But luckily four of Alex Henery’s kicks were good enough to have the Eagles come up with the win, 19-17.
And what a debacle Tony Romo was Monday night for the Cowboys. Romo threw five interceptions with two of them being picked off which helped Chicago win 34-18. Jay Cutler helped out the Bears with 275 of his own yards and two td’s. The Cowboys might want to look towards Kyle Orton next week, even though it was garbage time, he managed to drive down the field and pick up eight points for Dallas.