Power Outages

Mark Nwakamma Mark Nwakamma

Regents Park, the village quad five and complexes a, c, e, and f were affected by two different power outages this weekend. The sports center was open for students who had no place to stay, but many students found other places to stay the night. According to an email sent by the university, the first outage occurred Friday night when a CL&P underground cable malfunctioned. According to Dave Isgur, university spokesman, “we are working with CL&P on that and we will continue having discussions with them, but from our perspective clearly the problem, Regents Park and quad 5 on Friday is a CL&P line issue.”
However, CL&P spokeswoman Mary Ingarra, said in an email that the problem lay with university equipment and not CL&P’s. The university will continue working with CL&P to resolve the power issues. There may be more scheduled shutdowns to make repairs and the university will inform students of these times.