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About A Ghostly Addiction

STN takes nights off to investigate the supernatural underbelly of the Connecticut area. John Jordan finds the most interesting subjects in the most haunted state out of the fifty. Jordan leads the crew into some real dark and spooky places fully decked out with all the equipment they will need to look into the world of ghosts that lives outside of our own. The series promises an honest and real look into the world of the paranormal and each episode will leave you thinking what is really out there?

About Campus Cooking

This charming look into dorm cooking takes us deep into the hearts of the Village Apartments to show if you can make a dish in a University of Hartford kitchen it can be made anywhere. Seasoned host, Nick Drago, instructs the audience step by step on how to make rather advanced dishes within the four walls of VA 2219. Each episode covers one evening of cooking which can expand over multiple courses. You’ll barely be able to tell the difference between  Drago and Ramsay by the end of the 30 minutes!

About My College Life (2018)

This show follows the ever changing lives of college students at the illustrious University of Hartford. See prominent members of the school body go through their day to day lives, but mostly members of the Cinema Department. Walk a mile in our shoes through many different segments such as UHA Cribz, The Art of the Steal, The Gourmet Side of Commons, and Fire in the Hole: Fire Safety In The Digital Age.

My College Life was made in cooperation with CIN 330 and STN Channel 2.