Computer Viruses

Students gather on Wilcox Terrace in Keene, NH. Students gather on Wilcox Terrace in Keene, NH.

A virus is a computer program that is designed to copy itself into programs stored on another computer. Viruses have negative effects on computers such as corrupting memory or causing your computer to operate incorrectly. When your computer gets a virus on campus your port will be turned off immediately to prevent it from spreading. You will then have to bring your computer to the computer center to be scanned.
Adware and spyware are also common problems among computers. Spyware secretly obtains the users information through the internet and can also create excessive pop up ads. There are various spyware protection programs that can be downloaded from the internet for free. One recommended program is spybot search and destroy.
Updating your anti-virus programs is critical. It is important to keep your computer updated and safe from all of the latest viruses. Having more than one anti-spyware program is a good idea because they each detect different forms of spyware. However, more than one anti-virus program is a bad idea because they will conflict each other. The university provides Symantec anti virus protection available to every student registered for classes.
For anti-virus software visit: use your Hartford email to log in and you can access protective software on this site.