Water Damage in Regents Park

WHLA Academy WHLA Academy

Over Thanksgiving break some students returned to their rooms in Regents to discover that everything was soaked with water. STN talked to some students who were experiencing problems with leaks in Regents since the beginning of the year. Deborah Carlson claimed that she returned to find that the entire floor of her room was underwater. The whole carpet was soaked through. Amanda Gorss and Lindsay Klein had similar problems. They came back to find a soaked carpet and their ceiling were peeling off. Also they had clothes in their closet which were completely soaked and ruined.
Facilities claims that the problem comes from a small hole in the sprinkler pipe. Water filled the pipe and pressure increased forcing it to spray out of the hole. They also claim that due to the holiday break the response time for facilities was longer than usual. Facilities asked for any leaks to be reported to your RA as soon as possible. You can also call facilities at extension 7925.