Delta Sigma Phi

After an investigation the university is placing delta sigma phi on probation. STN spoke to the president of the fraternity about his organization.
According to Pirklbauer, the president of delta sigma phi, they were put on probation for gang related violence and general misconduct.
Greek life advisor, Timothy Dunn, said the investigation was prompted by a series of complaints of misconduct. The administration took these complaints directly to the fraternity’s executive board.
“There were several people present. We put together a panel of investigators or Joe rather put together a panel of administrators. So that the procedure was as fair as possible.”
Dunn then said, “Probation is a sanction similar to being on judicial probation in that if anything else were to occur then that act would be met with more serious disciplinarian action.”
As a result of the investigation delta sigma phi was banned from rush for three weeks. They also face other consequences.
Chris Pirklbauer talked about this with STN. “we have to go as a group to anger management they’re trying to revoke our chapter room privileges which is actually what I’m appealing last few months we been silenced you know our name has been completely dead on this campus because of this.
We couldn’t wear our own letters and the reality is like you know we are a part of this fraternity we are nationally recognized and we are brothers.”
According to Pirklbauer the fraternity is on good standing with the nationals and the fraternity is trying to clean up their acts.