Electrical Fire in Regents Park

With the start of a new semester, two fires have already hit our residence halls with about 40 students having to be relocated.
Residents of Regents Park were evacuated when the fire alarm went off around 5pm on Sunday. The cause was a small fire that broke out on the second floor of the east wing.
According to fire inspector, Roger Martin, “What has happened was that the fire when it occurred created a lot of black smoke. That is typical for an electrical plastic fire.”
Upon further investigation, the fire department determined the fire originated from under the students desk, possibly from a damaged power strip cable.
Four suites were damaged from fire and water damage and 15 students had to be relocated. Repairs to the rooms should be completed within four to five weeks.
Regents Park, although built as a wood framed building is fully sprinkled. There has never, number one, been a large loss of life in a fully sprinkled building. A fully sprinkled building will not burn down to the ground.