Bacteria on Campus

This week STN tested high traffic areas to see just how much bacteria is on campus. We live in a world dominated by microorganisms. Also called microbes, the majority of these organisms are good, while others do cause harm.
Everyday, hundreds of students pass through Gengras Student Union. Students can often contract virii and other potentially harmful bacteria through contact made with objects or people.
With the help of Biology Professor, William Coleman, STN swabbed certain objects in Gengras Student Union. We used sterile swabs to collect the sample. Them each tube was incubated at 37 degrees so that the bacteria could grow.
Most areas in Gengras did not see a lot of growth. However the water fountain had some fungi growth. This was only a small sample of high traffic areas in Gengras Student Union. Coleman stressed the importance of washing your hands often, especially before you eat.