Windows Vista

Many computers are now overwhelmed with saved information and people may have trouble finding certain files. The new version of windows, titled Vista, promises to simplify that process and much more.
Windows vista uses a new 3d interface which allows easier navigation. The desktop is now more creative and uses new tools to help simplify searching. This includes viewing what is in a file without opening it, finding files and applications instantly, and easier navigation among open windows.
Microsoft says vista will be the most secure version of windows yet. It will offer more protection against the latest viruses, worms and spy ware. Vista will also sport a new version of internet explorer, windows internet explorer 7. The upgraded version includes additional security and privacy features. It also includes tabbed browsing and live previews.
Five different versions of vista will be released. Each one is designed for how the user intends to use their pc. These include: business, enterprise, home premium, ultimate and home basic.
Vista has a program titled volume shadow copy. This allows you obtain versions of a document you might have accidentally saved over or even deleted. Vista will also include more games plus improved versions of the originals.
Another new feature will be voice recognition. This allows you to control anything from e-mails to applications by voice. Vista is expected to be released later this year.