Alcohol poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can be a major issue for students who consumed more than one alcoholic beverage an hour. Alcohol poisoning is not just having too much to drink, it is considered a medical emergency and it’s very important to go to the hospital right away if you think you have symptoms.
Some students may think that after drinking heavily, sleeping off the alcohol is the solution. Director of wellness and women’s centers Rosalyn Dischiavo says this is the worst thing a person can do. She claims, “The alcohol keeps working in their system your heart is still beating, the alcohol is still processing in your body so your blood alcohol content is still going up at that point.”
If someone is unable to be woken up, their skin is of bluish tint, or they are getting sick while sleeping, those are signs of alcohol poisoning. Dischiavo went on to say, “A lot of people think that’s just gross they’re watching their roommate vomit when they’re asleep. But that’s not supposed to happen it means that the body can’t wake up. If you’re gonna get sick you should wake up and if you don’t it means you’re alcohol poisoned. Um and if you can’t get rid of it, or you can’t vomit, then you can you can die.”
It is important to know how to pace the drinks you are consuming and be aware of how much alcohol is in them. If there is an issue or someone is in trouble contact public safety immediately at 7777, and remember to take signs of alcohol poisoning very seriously.