DWI- 2 News Special Report

Every estimated 32 minutes an alcohol related crash occurs. This according to the national highway safety administration is the cause of one third of all deaths involving teenagers over 15.
Sobriety checkpoints are used to combat drunk driving. Connecticut state police sergeant Paul Vance says the checkpoints are used for your safety. Vance says “Should you pull up to a sobriety checkpoint, a trooper is going to do several things, a trooper is going to use all his senses, his eyes his nose his ears his powers of observation to make a determination as to whether or not someone has consumed alcohol.”
The full process takes about 30 seconds, however if you are drinking your car is pulled to the side and you’re taken into custody. “People who are going to consume alcohol in this day and age have to know that it’s a serious offence. That’s an offence that’s going to stay with them for a long time,” says Vance.
Drinking and driving resulting in the death or serious injury of someone can land you in jail for a long time. We also asked Sergeant Vance about how much alcohol was too much for driving and his reply was simply, “If you’re going to drink any alcohol at all, then don’t get behind the wheel. It’s better to be safe than sorry.