Meal Pricing

The new menus at Gengras have caused some confusion when it comes to what accounts as a meal equivalence? Well, a meal equals $5.25, but what happens when you buy something at Gengras that costs more than that? It may seem odd that you can buy a small sub, chips and a soda for a meal but a wrap costs more than all three. Sherwood Lincoln, Resident District Manager of Aramark Services, says, “It’s based on cost. The meal equivalency of the four inch sub with the soda and chips was set up as a combo meal for the specfic meal equivalency period. From ten to you you’d pay the same amount for that wrap.”
The meal plans were originally designed for meals eaten in the Commons. According to Lincoln, when you take the meal plans out of the Commons, there are fixed expenses at the Commons that continually need to be paid for and the value of that is made less when you get outside the Commons.