Poe Fire

Irwin Nassbaum, Director of Residential Life, says the fire may have been caused by students putting ashes into a garbage can thinking the ashes were extinguished but they actually weren’t, “and they caught onto some of the paper and some other items that were in the garbage can.”

Students invovled in causing the fire will be going through the Judicial process, similar to other students who have tampered with fire safety equipment.

Students who go through the Judicial Ssytem risk losing their housing on campus.

Irwin Nassbaum says, “My best advice would be, just don’t mess with the fire safety equipment. That includes hanging from the sprinkler pipes, covering the smoke detectors, hanging things off the sprinkler heads. We’ve had students play witht the fire extinguishers, there are serous consequences…The best thing to do is to leave the fire safety equipment for when you need it.”