NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

Tim Tebow- STARTING Quarterback for the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow- STARTING Quarterback for the Denver Broncos

This week Sports Director Nick Drago, General Manager Obi Anugweje, and Assistant Sports Director Jacob Fecura review who the best is the NFL is in this weeks power rankings.


1)Packers/5-0/1/2/1/Slow start against the Falcons led to an explosive finish (Drago).

2)Patriots/4-1/2/3/2/They were obviously going to beat the Jets anyway (Anugweje).

3)Ravens/3-1/3/1/5/Coming off a bye week, their rested and ready to pummel Housten (Fecura).

4)Saints/4-1/5/4/3/Did not look their best against the Panthers (Drago).

5)Lions/5-0/4/5/4/First 5-0 start in over 50 years! Not bad (Fecura).

6)Bills/4-1/6/6/6/Buffalo is going to light up the scoreboard against big blue this weekend (Fecura).

7)Chargers/4-1/7/7/7/Normally these guys start slow, I guess the question now is will they end slow (Anugweje).

8)49ers/4-1/9/8/9/This is almost as big a surprise as the Bills (Drago)…Alex Smith won’t be able to keep it up (Anugweje).

9)Steelers/3-2/8/11/8/If any of the 3-2 teams deserves to be in the top ten its Pittsburgh (Drago).

10)Raiders/3-2/10/9/11/Incredible win for Oakland, a true tribute to Al Davis (Fecura).

11)Redskins/3-1/11/12/10/Rex Grossman has been a huge surprise (Drago)…It won’t last they still have to face the AFC EAST(Fecura).

12)Texans/3-2/12/10/12/Houston was not at their best this week, and it could get worse against the Ravens (Anugweje).

13)Giants/3-2/13/13/14/A week again NY looked like a legit super bowl pick, this week Eli’s probably going to go back to his old self (Drago).

14)Titans/3-2/14/14/13/The Titans have a fairly easy schedule and a bye week coming up, expect them to stay in this area of the rankings (Anugweje).

15)Cowboys/2-2/16/15/15/The Patriots are going to embarrass Tony Romo (Fecura)

16)Buccaneers/3-2/15/17/16/Tampa Bay has there moments but I don’t think they are a legit playoff team (Drago).

17)Jets/2-3/17/16/17/The Jets have to bounce back from this 0-3 drop if they want that super bowl ring Rex promised (Drago).

18)Bears/2-3/19/18/18/It not a surprise they lost to the Lions (Anugweje).

19)Falcons/2-3/18/20/19/Atlanta looked good against Green Bay but with Detroit coming up in two weeks they could be in trouble (Fecura).

20)Bengals/3-2/20/19/20/They’ve had some great comebacks but its time to prove whether or not their legit (Drago).

21)Browns/2-2/21/21/23/Can you guys just sign Peyton Hillis already? (Anugweje).

22)Seahawks/2-3/23/22/22/Doug Baldwin? Whose that? (Fecura).

23)Eagles/1-4/25/25/21/Philly needs to bounce back against Washington (Drago).

24)Broncos/1-4/22/23/27/Its Tebow time!!! (Fecura).

25)Panthers/1-4/24/28/24/Somehow people keep believing Cam Newton will turn it around (Anugweje)…Thats because he will (Drago).

26)Chiefs/2-3/27/26/25/If KC can continue winning they have a shot (Anugweje).

27)Cardinals/1-4/26/24/28/They should have spent Kolbs contract on something else (Fecura).

28)Vikings/1-4/28/27/26/Just give the ball to Adrian Peterson, Its not that hard (Fecura).

29)Jaguars/1-4/29/29/29/With Pitt, Balt, and Hou coming up I think its safe to say Their season is over (Anugweje).

30)Dolphins/0-4/30/30/30/Chad Henne or Matt Moore? How about Andrew Luck (Drago).

31)Rams/0-4/31/31/31/No O-line = no hope (Fecura).

32)Colts/0-4/32/32/32/Painter was a slight improvement but he’s no Manning (Anugweje).