Pumpkin Decorating

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Picking a perfect pumpkin can be difficult, but deciding what to put on that pumpkin’s face is an even harder decision. STN has some fun ideas for decorating your halloween pumpkins.

First, start off by placing newspapers around the area you will be placing the pumpkin to avoid a mess. Then cut the top off of the pumpkin using a sharp knife.

Scrape out the pumpkin seeds and guts using either your hands or a soup ladle. Make sure the base inside your
pumpkin is flat, and the entire inside is clean before making the face on your pumpkin.

You can either draw your own creation on your pumpkin’s face or use patterns that are available at stores on online.

To make the pumpkin look even scarier, you can put the seeds and guts out of the pumpkin’s mouth to make it look like it is vomiting.

When you have the face to your liking, carefully cut the outlined areas. Once you have completed the face, check the inside of the pumpkin again to make sure all of the seeds are out and everything is clean.

Place your pumpkin by your window, on your table or wherever you think it may attract the most attention.

Instead of throwing the pumpkin seeds away, you can bake them in the oven at 350 degrees and wait until they turn a light brown. To add more flavor to the seeds, put salt on them before baking.

Check out STN2’s link page for more ideas on creating a scary or funny face on your pumpkin!