New Housing Options!

Courtesy: www.cceda.state.ct Courtesy: www.cceda.state.ct

Starting next semester, new premium housing will be available off campus. New townhouses are currently being constructed on Temple Street in downtown Hartford, near restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Even the State Capital is a very short walk from there.

In total, there will be 42 townhouses, each one having three floors, including four to five private bedrooms, two to two and a half bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen with brand new appliances, a washer and dryer, and furniture.

Twenty-seven apartments will be move-in ready at the beginning of next semester. Students will be released from their housingi contracts on campus if they move to Temple Street; however, these new townhouses are not being offered through the University.

Dave Isgur, Director of Media Relations, said, “The students will actually be renting from the developer, so it’s a direct relationship between them. The University is not in the middle of that part of it.”

The rent for the new townhouses will pay for the new furniture and appliances, heat, hot water, central air, and Internet.

Space is limited, so if you’d like to live in the Temple Street townhouses, make sure you get your applications in.

To apply for housing, call the Market Street Townhouses lease office, at 1-866-395-7667.