Consequences of Alcohol

Alcohol use in college students restricts their ability to retain information while studying and their sleep paterns.

When you spen ta week night drinking, it takes away from valuable time that could be used for school work.

After just one semester of college life, freshman Jessica Marshall has observed what alcohol can do to a student: “There are a number of people on campus who let it affect their performance, who come to class because they’re hungover.

Getting enough sleep plays a major role in ones academic performance. Research shows that a good night’s rest keeps you alert and focused, and skipping that sleep can have an adverse effect. Just one all-nighter can alter your sleep paterns for an entire week.

According to a survey of students performed by the Cord Institute, a third of college drinkers have missed a class because of it, and the same number attributed drinking to performaing poorly on a test.

Even after the blood alcohol level has dropped, concentration and overall brain function can be impaired days later, according to a McGill University study.

Though alcohol can conflict with coursework, you can dirnk responsibly and achieve academically. Saving the booze for the weekends and keeping it
moderate can be a great compromise between good grades and good times–assuming you’re of age, of course.