New Freshmen Res Hall

The University has decided house its very first residential learning community in the new residence hall. In the Fall of 2007, 200 lucky freshmen will gain not only a beautiful new home, but a revoluiontary new form of campus life specially crafted for their interests and majors.

Director of Res. Life, Irwin Nussbaum, said, “The living learning community has a very strong tie in with the academic side of campus. For every one of our residential learning communities, we will have faculty numbers engaged with the students on a specific theme.”

The seven themes chosen for the community include Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, Wellness, Leadership, Destinations, Environmental Awareness, the Adult Journey, and Honors. Several classes pertaining to these subjects will be held on the first floor of the building in the two smart classrooms. These classrooms will be packed with all the latest educational technology. The wall between the two rooms also retracts into the ceiling to create a larger multipurpose room for theme-based programs. The first floor of the building also boasts a community kitchen and a TV/game room. On top of that each floor has not one, but three lounges, one specifically for studying and its own laundry room. These students will be really be getting the whole experience.

Nussbaum continues, “We’re excited about this new endeavor, because it really will be the first time we’ve strongly connected the residential side and the academic side. And for those students that are excited about extending their learning outside the classroom, this will be an absolutely ideal situation.”

While the construction is almost complete, a name for the new res. hall has still not been decided! President Walter Harrison is looking for your help. He’s holding a contest to name the new dorm. You can sumbit your ideas to , and if your name is chosen, you can win a grand prize of $250!