UHA’s Golden Annniversary

Happy 50th Birthday! Happy 50th Birthday!

It was 50 years ago that Connecticut’s Governor signed off on grouping the first three schools at the University of Hartford. But a lot has changed since then…

The first three schools to exist at the University of Hartford were Hillyer College, the Hartford Art School, and the Hartt School.

The Universitiy started as a school just for commuters. In 1967 “A” Complex was added as the school’s first residential building. And today in 2007, more than 3500 students are housed on the main campus.

One of the biggest changes to the University is the cost of tuition. If you were a student enrolled in Hillyer College in 1957, you would have paid $200. Today, most students are digging out more than 24 thousand.

Enrollment is another big change. Fifty years ago, the school had only a thousand full time students. Now there are more than 4600. Also, there are more than 1600 graduate stutdents, as opposed to none in 1957.

Studnets walk over a piece of history everyday outside of the Computer Center. On April 12, the University will be unearthing a time capsule that was buried 25 years ago. The items will be removed and put on display. The time capsule will then be filled with new artifacts that represent the University’s latest generation.