Regents Doorknobs

Due to vandalism last semester, maintenance was needed to repair the doors, almost daily, so facilities and Res Life made the decision to remove all doorknobs and electronic locks from all but two entrances in each building. But now it seems the problem has gotten worse. This year, with students not being able to enter the most convenient entrances, many began propping the doors open.

“The building is only as safe as our residents make it to be.” Says Mariel Pagan, RD for Park River and Regents. “So if people can make sure they’re un-propping the doors. Yes it more convenient for you to get into the building, but you’re now allowing anybody to get into our building.”

RAs in those buildings will now be on the lookout for doors propped or those students who are propping them open. If caught, students can be written up and sent to the school’s Office of Judicial Affairs.