Text Message Alert System

The University of Hartford has set a system in place in case of emergency to get into contact with all students, faculty and staff. While statistics show the University of Hartford to be relatively safe, we have had some rough patches over the years. Last year alone we had such major incidents as a 24-hour blackout, campus-wide flooding, and even the discharge of a firearm in Regents Park that narrowly missed a student on an upper level of the building.

Whenever someone or something threatens our campus or the safety of its faculty, staff, and students, the University has an emergency communication system in effect. Up until this year, the system only consisted of alerts on the school website, mass voicemail messages, and university-wide emails. However, these methods have their share of malfunctions. Sometimes, students would not receive e-mail and voicemail messages until several hours after they had been sent.

This year the University has decided to raise the bar with a brand new text messaging alert system. Anyone can register for the program and these messages have the capability to reach students in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, the University does not have the ability to waive regular cell phone costs for text messaging, so your standard text messaging rates will still apply; however, Vice President of Student Affairs Lee Peters reminds students that the cost would be well worth it for the few times that this system would be used throughout the year.

To register, go to: